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About Beewise

Beewise is the only comprehensive solution that completely automates beekeeping to keep bees alive, healthy, thriving and pollinating. Mesh spoke with Amit Hirsh, VP Finance at Beewise to learn more about beekeeping automation and how he tackled payment management stepping into the company.

What were the challenges
you faced?

Amit started at Beewise 7 months ago, knowing that without an existing finance department or a payment management system in place – he really had his work cut out for him, needing to start from scratch. The company was using several plastic credit cards for all their payments. There were no pre-approvals in place and the bookkeeping was fairly disorganized.

“There were payments being made, but no management of them.” Amit immediately searched for a solution:

“I was looking for a way to get control of all our spending, without using a card for any payments. I also wanted to have a secure system, so that not just anyone could have access to the corporate card number. Mesh seemed like a great option.”

How did Mesh address those challenges?

Amit describes Mesh as solving two of their main problems. Firstly, once Beewise started using the platform, they were able to match virtual cards to specific vendors or on-demand payments. They could also limit the card amount, set expiry dates, be in control over how much is being spent, and what the card is being used for.

Secondly, since all the payments were being made via unique cards, it meant that everything was more secure.

“I knew exactly who was making the payment and that the card could only be used for that specific purpose or vendor.”

There were no cards being passed around from employee to employee. Rather anyone who needed to make a payment was assigned a virtual card for their use, limited to one purpose. This meant that the same card couldn’t be used for multiple vendors or purposes.

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

“The best thing about Mesh is the variety of solutions it offers. It isn’t just a virtual card, or just a subscription management platform. It solves all our problems when it comes to payments.”

Beewise uses Mesh as a way to manage their subscription payments, uses the cards with Apple Pay for meals at restaurants, and pays with virtual cards for travel expenses like flights and hotels, offering a solution for everyone in the company. Amit also found the platform to be very user-friendly and simple.

“It was easy to get started – essentially a plug and play. I received training for the platform for myself and all our employees, and everyone was happy! Once we had the training session, we immediately got the hang of it.”

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using Mesh Payments?

Amit describes the overall experience with Mesh extremely positive and would recommend it to any company or finance team since it addresses multiple problems.

“I love the fact that it’s one platform, but it has so many features that it has become an essential part of the whole company.”

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