Spend Management That Gives You Total Control

Manage every payment across your company with insights, controls and automation to save you hours and get the most out of your spend.

Trusted by Leading Finance Teams

Insights to Continously Optimize Your Spend

Spend management that gives you actionable data exactly when you need it for each payment you make. From cheaper alternatives, to forecasting spend – you’ll always optimize your spend.

Advanced Controls

Get full control with spend limits and vendor locks on every payment with corporate spend management. Suspend SaaS payments in seconds, get real-time alerts and set custom fields for all your company transactions.

Full Visibility From One Platform

Track all your payments in one platform with real-time visibility for finance teams, employees and budget owners so that you never need to wait till the month-end.

Viewing Permissions per Role

Whether you’re a finance manager, procurement manager or employee – choose specific viewing permissions for each role in your business.

Spend Reports in Real-Time

Never stress again about end-of-month reports with real-time reporting. Get all expenses categorized, recorded, and receipts uploaded & matched, to save hours of manual work.

Optimize Your Payment Workflows With Automation

From hassle-free approval flows, to automatic collection and matching receipts and a one-click reconciliation that syncs to your ERP – the spend management platform that saves you hours every month.

Make Payments Your Way

Pay the way that suits you with virtual cards, Plug & Pay™ cards, and mobile wallets to give you ultimate flexibility.

Get Cashback on Every Payment

Get cashback for all your expenses whether you’re traveling, purchasing subscriptions or office supplies, and more.

Take Control of Your Corporate Spend