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Get Started
with Plug & Pay

Congratulations! You’ve just received a Plug & Pay card, so your company can start making in-person payments on-the-go, with all the benefits of virtual cards. Here’s how you and your team can get started.

Dynamic & Flexible

Maximum Security

Easy to Manage

Assigning Plug & Pay Cards to Employees



Log into your Mesh account to view and manage all your Plug & Pay cards, located in the Cards tab on the side bar.



To assign a Plug & Pay card to an employee, select the relevant card, click the “assign” button and add the name of the employee.



You’ll need to verify the card by entering the CID number, found at the back of the Plug & Pay card.
Employees can start making in-person purchases once they’ve paired the Plug & Pay to a virtual card, and activated it.

Assigning The Plug & Pay to Yourself


Set Up a PIN

If you assigned a card to yourself, you can set up a PIN for in-person transactions that exceed a certain amount.


Plug It In

Plug your card into any existing virtual card through the Plug & Pay dashboard. Click the “Plug My Card” button on the top right corner. Your card will then appear in the Cards tab and on the Plug & Pay dashboard. 



That’s it! You can start making secure in-person payments anywhere with your new Plug & Pay card.

Your Plug & Pay Card

Switching the card purpose?
Unplug your current virtual card, plug in a new card and you’re done.

Unplug your card when you’re not using it to keep it safe.

Use the platform to track your
spend in real-time, search transaction history and upload invoices.