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Global spend & travel management for modern enterprises

The only spend & travel management platform built for global teams, combining real-time expense control and flexible travel management with integrated corporate cards.

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Spend Management

Manage every payment across your company’s subsidiaries with insights, controls and automation to save hours of work and get the most out of your corporate spend.

Corporate Cards

Issue smart corporate cards with confidence and gain the power to set spend limits, expiry dates, and vendor locks. With advanced controls, you’ll never go over your budget.

Travel Management

Mesh makes it easy to manage global travel from request to reimbursement with powerful booking tools, multi-agency support, integrated policy enforcement, and real-time duty of care.

All your finance operations at
a glance

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A unified place for your
entire spend 

Boost productivity across multiple entities with a single dashboard to manage subsidiary-level workflows, task-automation, receipt collection & matching, categorization, and reconciliation.

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Financial automation simplified

Automate manual work like receipt collection, reviewing credit card statements, or matching data to printed invoices, so your finance team can focus on more important strategic tasks. 

Parallel tasks

Ideal even for the most complicated workflows

Ensure the accurate execution of complex and critical business processes, whether you are requesting a single financial approval or multiple approvals to control spending and project costs.

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Real-time control & visibility

Receive instant alerts for payment requests, establish personalized spend limits, secure transactions with vendor-specific locks, and effortlessly cancel subscriptions with just one click.

Financial report

Automatic policy enforcement

Bake your expense policy right into corporate payments. With smart cards, employees can make payments on-the-go, while finance managers can see exactly how much is being spent and where.  

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Loved by finance teams, travel managers and employees 

Mesh is designed for the modern workforce. With its mobile apps and real-time notifications, spend management becomes easy and convenient for all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Built for global enterprises

Manage globally and operate locally with multi-entity and multi-currency support. Mesh gives you the freedom to manage your entire spend on your terms, from issuing cards in local currencies to global reimbursements, and the flexibility to use your preferred travel agencies.

Integrated with leading ERPs
and Apps

Mesh seamlessly connects to any ERP or procurement system, with multi-entity integration support so you can always use the systems and services that best support your business.

Close the books faster

Get full control & visibility over your global finance and travel operations