Payment Intelligence

Payment intelligence uncovers hidden opportunities to reduce your corporate spend all while protecting your business from failed payment risks.

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Corporate payment intelligence

Mesh corporate payment intelligence is about taking you from data, to insight, to savings in one-click. We comb your business’s spend to extract insights on spending patterns, anomalous transactions, duplicate payments, and payment consolidation opportunities. Letting you focus on taking action, not crunching numbers and receipts.

SaaS vendor intelligence

Understand what you’re paying for and what your alternatives are. Our vendor intelligence validates that your payments are reaching their destination, identifies duplicate and zombie payments that you can do without, and shows you vendor alternatives so you can do more with less.

Subscription assurance

Say goodbye to vulnerable corporate card dependency and risks. Mesh assigns a unique digital card per subscription and identifies and monitors mission-critical subscriptions to ensure your SaaS business continuity. If a payment fails our incident management team will contact you immediately to rectify the issue before your business is impacted.

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