On-Demand Payments

On-demand payments for every part of your organization. From corporate payments for your sales team to pre-approved payments for your design freelancers.

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On-demand payments controls

Mesh’s on-demand payments are built to empower distributed teams and needs, without sacrificing financial security and control. Every payment request is approved and customizable rules on expiration dates, spend limits, and vendor locks can be set at any time.

Real-time spend visibility

The on-demand payment hub brings together all of your transactions in real-time so you can track your business corporate spend. Safeguard your organization against external and internal fraud – see a suspicious or unusual transaction? One-click, and you can suspend or cancel the payment.

Automated invoices & reconciliation

Mesh prompts employees to add receipts to their requests to fully automate the documentation process. In addition, you can import your accounting custom fields, giving you a seamless transition from on-demand payment requests to end-of-month accounting. Accounting tags can be added at any stage, by employees, approvers, or your finance department.

On-demand payment intelligence

Mesh makes sense of your distributed on-demand spend and provides insights and predictions on spending patterns, anomalous transactions, duplicate payments, and payment consolidation opportunities so you can reduce your corporate payment spend.

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Enable On-Demand Payments

Need more than on-demand payments? Use Mesh’s subscription payments.

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