Paying Global Invoices Is As Simple As Paying a Local Bill

Paying via bank wire is very complex, pricey and completely unpredictable process. Mesh enables you to pay securely and monitor your payment status at all times while eliminating transaction and FX fees.

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How it works

Pay international businesses smartly in three easy steps

Receive Request

Receive an email from your supplier requesting payment.

Approve Payment

Approve payment and Mesh will debit your bank account as if you’re paying a local bill.


Mesh sends a single use virtual card to your supplier letting them accept your payment

Advanced tools for cross-border payments

Helping you make payments securely, faster, simpler and cost-effectively

Prevent Fraud

Privacy and security built in – Virtual prepaid numbers can only be used once, so security is built in. You’re protected with advanced fraud prevention and data privacy controls.

Reduce errors

You don’t have to enter lines of data and complicated banking codes every time you make a payment. This reduces manual errors and helps ensure on-time settlement.

Increase transparency

Improve cash management and know exactly when your payment will be processed, with real-time updates every step of the way.

Smart safety features to protect your money


Mesh leverages single-use virtual cards which can only be used once and generates a new card number for each transaction.


You're protected with the most advanced fraud prevention techniques and data privacy controls.


No need to share your financial details with other parties.

Make global payments as cost-effective as local payments

Senders pay only 50¢ per payment

Free Registration

No Hidden Fees

No Subscription Fees

First 5 transactions are free

24/7 Support

Discover support options to help you send and receive cross-border payments quicker, simpler and more cost-effectively. Visit our Support Portal for further details about our 24/7 support team.

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