Mesh - OneLogin Integration

Founded in 2009, OneLogin is an identity and access management tool that was officially launched in 2010. It is based in San Francisco, California.

Its key feature is to safeguard a business’s employees, clients, and business partners.

Employees who quit or change jobs can immediately lose access to the system due to OneLogin’s security policy enforcement. It also provides cloud security services.

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Key Features


Reduce the risks of security and compliance

Give employees access to tens of thousands of on-premises and cloud-based apps that comply with the policy. Provide corporate computers, the web, and mobile devices with secure app access. Put IP address restrictions on app access, and make multi-factor authentication mandatory.


Realize Measurable Cost Savings

By shifting identity and access management to the cloud, infrastructure, and operational expenses may be reduced. For each app, get rid of the high directory integration expenses.


Boost individual, and team output

Increase the speed of cloud application provisioning and directory integrations. Enable self-service management of passwords and account information. Organize dashboards, reporting, logging, and application administration in one place.


Strengthen Your End Users

Add new users quickly and make provisioning changes in real-time. Access all applications with a single safe password and gateway. From any device, access all applications with a single click.

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