Papaya Global: Eliminating The Corporate Card and Gaining Control Of Their Payments


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About Papaya

Papaya Global provides a cloud-based HR and payroll platform for global workforce management. Founded in 2016, Papaya has quickly grown to 180 employees, working with more than 300 global brands. Papaya offers an end-to-end solution in one platform from recruitment to payroll, creating a highly visible and secure system.

What were
the challenges you faced?

Eynat Guez, CEO and Co-founder at Papaya Global, found that as the company rapidly expanded, they needed a solution to organize all their corporate spend and subscription payments, providing control and visibility along with the assurance that if something were to happen to the corporate credit, such as the card expiring or being cancelled, this wouldn’t then negatively impact all the payments linked to that card.

It is also difficult to attribute both the vendors the payments were being made to, and the departments and employees they were coming from. This would require many hours each month to manage. Matching these payments proved to be an unwelcome hassle and headache, the last thing Papaya Global needed as SaaS subscriptions were increasing. Furthermore, operating during the Covid-19 pandemic, meant that if any of their employees working from home needed to make any necessary payments, it became a messy process, and was a challenge to track. Not only would this require a lot of back and forth between employees and the finance team, but could easily have led to a serious security breach.

How did Mesh address those challenges?

When Papaya Global went through the onboarding with Mesh Payments, the implementation was surprisingly quick and simple. Eynat felt reassured – integrating a system for managing their subscription and one-time payments, meant less risk as the company subscriptions were each linked to a unique card.

“We felt that we had real control over our payments and we didn’t need to spend hours each month trying to match the payments to each department’s budget. All this information was visible immediately to us, whenever we needed it”.

The fact that each vendor was linked to a unique card, meant that all the subscriptions were protected if one payment needed to be cancelled. Papaya Global could continue to run smoothly, without any unexpected payment issues or unwarranted halting of services. Another huge plus was the financial security. Employees working from home could safely make payments, be it for one-off or continuous payments. Guez didn’t need to worry about her credit card details being passed around, risking exposing the company to payment fraud.

What do you like most about
using Mesh?

“I love that everything is in real time. We are immediately notified about any payment activity. Instead of waiting till the end of the month, Mesh provides us with a continuous overview of where the company stands financially”

Papaya Global enjoys having all their payments, approvals, requests, subscriptions in the one platform. They don’t have to worry about the end-of-month headache – both for the finance team and for the employees needing to request and make payments.

What would you say to other finance teams thinking about using
Mesh Payments?

Papaya’s CEO strongly urges any company looking to minimize their risk when it comes to finances, gain more control over their corporate and recurring payments, especially with the workforce becoming more distributed, to start using Mesh.

“Since we started using Mesh Payments, they have become an integral part of Papaya’s daily operations”

Not only has the company saved hours and energy that are being put to better use, Eynat takes comfort in the fact that she no longer has to risk having any of her Saas payments being blocked and essential services that Papaya Global relies on, being halted.

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