Top 10 SaaS Tools to Collaborate and Work Remotely

SaaS Tools to Collaborate and Work Remotely

COVID-19 has created a new norm of working from home. According to a survey, 74% of professionals agree that remote working is the new normal. Employers share the same view, with 76% of entrepreneurs conforming to the new norm of working from home. Fortunately, we now have ample SaaS tools on a subscription basis to facilitate remote work.

From project management to storing passwords, here are the top 10 SaaS tools to excel at remote working in 2021:

1. Slack

We start our list of SaaS tools with an app that facilitates communication at ease across remote teams. Slack is a messaging app for professionals to collaborate and stay on the same page. You can create individual threads dedicated to projects or workflows and have your teams interact virtually.

Slack easily integrates with Google Calendar, Drive and Mesh Payments for a connected environment.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management tools. You can create cards for each project or workflow and incorporate checklists, files, comments, and more. Trello helps remote teams collaborate and keep track of project progress. It is quite user-friendly and doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

Trello also comes with free templates to save your work.

3. Wavebox

Wavebox is the ultimate work browser to facilitate remote work. You can access Trello, Slack, and a range of tools from right inside your Wavebox window. It helps you organize your work and removes the need for logging into separate tools.

You can launch your Wavebox and get all your resources in a single interface.

4. Bitwarden

Sharing passwords remotely is a big security risk. You need to be careful and use tools like Bitwarden to secure password storage and access.

Bitwarden lets you store passwords, login URLs, and usernames in individual cards. You can give your remote team access to your Bitwarden account and share credentials safely.

5. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a professional proofreading tool. You can proofread and edit all your blogs, emails, newsletter, and business communication to weed out errors and typos. Grammarly also suggests improvements to make your content stand out.

You can access Grammarly from any browser and don’t need to install any software.

6. Calendly

Sorting meetings and appointments can be a challenge for remote teams. You can use Calendly to remove hassles and set up meetings without contacting everyone in the team. Businesses just need to set up a few rules, and the tool does the rest to schedule meetings at everyone’s convenience.

You can also share your calendar with your team with a click.

7. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the professional version of Google Docs. It’s an online word processor where you can write, edit, and share content with your team in real-time. Team members can leave comments and even chat to make way for seamless collaboration.

Google Workspace supports all popular document formats like .docx, .pdf, .txt, and more.

8. Miro

Miro is a virtual whiteboard for remote teams to brainstorm and develop wireframes. It supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration and even offers an infinite canvas. You can design user flows, interfaces, and more with a range of tools and ready made templates.

Miro also integrates with tools like Dropbox, Slack, Jira, and Sketch.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox is a good and secure option to store your files. It is user-friendly and comes with a desktop tool to easily store and share your files.

Dropbox is fast and offers better performance than competitors like Google Drive. The tool also supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and even Android.

Dropbox comes in several plans to suit varied business needs.

10. Mesh Payments

Mesh is the perfect SaaS tool for managing all your SaaS payments. Instead of managing all your payments manually, Mesh eliminates the corporate card and provides you with an all-in-one hub, giving you control and visibility over your payments. You can also approve, request, cancel, set limits with virtual cards, automatically upload and match receipts –  and the set up takes just a few minutes. 

Final Thoughts

Businesses can make remote working a joy with the help of technology. You can utilize a range of SaaS tools to collaborate and work safely with a distributed team.

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